Mission Statement

To serve business owners by providing the most cutting edge tools at an affordable price to help them grow.

Company Description

1CustomerPlus, LLC. originally started as a side business in 2005 with the name, 1WebPlus providing email marketing services to small businesses. At the same time, founder, Glenn Wasserman was selling software throughout the North East to automotive & heavy trucks dealerships.

In 2009, due to a bad economy and a job layoff, the part-time business became full-time and struggled through the recession. In 2010, we became part of the SuddenValues dealer network still focusing on small business with email marketing as a core product.

By 2013 it was time to spread our wings so we formed 1CustomerPlus, LLC. and expanded our product & service offerings searching out best-of-breed solutions to bring to our clients.

In 2014, Reputation Marketing was added and remains a core offering of the company. Since then, we have added several SaaS based applications to meet the needs of our Automotive & Heavy Truck clients such as two-way texting, Think-A-Lease and Lot Vantage.

To support these additional offerings, we added a team of eight virtual employees located throughout the globe. This allows us to work lean and provide great value and allowed the company to grow into a full-service digital agency with branded software solutions.

Glenn Wasserman
Glenn Wasserman Owner
Glenn is your not-so-average, workaholic and makes the everyday decisions that drive the business.

When not working, he plays guitar and is a lover of the blues.

Phyllis Wasserman
Phyllis WassermanOffice Manager
Phyllis is the task mistress keeping things on track. Aside from being my wife, she is great with our customers and always with a smile.

When not working, Phyllis looks after me and our furry boy named Bear!

Scott Heliker
Scott HelikerWeb Guru
Scott is our go-to for anything web & CSS related. He loves baseball and works from a remote office in St. Louis.

When Scott is not working, he is into fitness and weightlifting.